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Lamp Manufactory

Lamps in Wood

Wooden Lamps

Lights in wood

Lamp Manufactory is the product of our passion for old houses, mysteries

hidden in each piece of wood, and our passion for creating unique objects.

We hope that our lamps will make your rooms just as unique and mysterious.

We invite you into our world that is full of respect for nature and simplicity.


Bartosz Lewandowski



Lamp Manufactory is pure passion, an inspiring combination of old wood and state-of-the-art LED lighting technologies. Lamp Manufactory offers unique lamps that have a soul and a character with three distinctive features:

UNIQUE – Each lamp is unique, it has an individual character, shape, size, and appearance. Each one is made of carefully selected pieces of old wood. The carefully chosen material is then processed using traditional techniques of wood conservation and processing.

HISTORY – All lamps have their individual history. Each of them is manufactured and decorated manually, with utmost care, combining a century of history with the cutting-edge lighting technologies. Our lamps are the only wooden lamps that are marked with serial numbers.

EXPERIENCE – For the past few years we have been renovating a group of hundred-year-old log houses. Since 2005 we have been designing and manufacturing modern LED lighting. We have combined our knowledge and passion for wood and created the brand Lamp Manufactory.